Madilyn Tops Mt. LeConte – [ 6,593ft ] At Age 6

Mt. LeConte has always been my favorite point to hike to for the past thirty (30) years or so.  So when my daughter who was born a natural runner starting taking up hiking with me at the age of four (4).  I knew our short term goal would be for her to top Mt. LeConte [third highest peak in the area at 6,593 ft] without assistance.  The only hard part about getting someone her age to do… keep her from trying to skip her way to the top.  I failed.

Madilyn Newman at Mount LeConte at age 6 - Sept. 2010

Madilyn via Alum Cave at Mount LeConte for the first time!



Additional images from a past trip to Mt. LeConte: Dec. 2009

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